Tales from the Western Med Day 3A

May 11, 2017
This morning we saw Gaudí's most famous work, Sagrada Familia. construction started in 1882 and is still an ongoing project with architects. This is an astounding structure both inside and out. If you visit, you must plan when you'll go and reserve an entrance time online with prepaid tickets. We entered ~09:15, exited ~10:30 and saw the next available entrance time for walk up purchase was 17:15! Inside, the normal Doric columns transform into tree trunks as you look up. Helical elements like staircases appear to go on forever rising up to heaven. Iconography is present throughout, but modern and unmistakably Gaudí. The stained glass in the nave goes from sunrise to sunset passing through all the colors of the rainbow. We were able to go up the Nativity tower. You get an elevator ride up and climb down. Excellent views of Barcelona, but also you get close up views of Gaudí's designs. The exterior is also something to enjoy with many sculptures and symbols made of mosaic tile.