Tales from the Western Med Day 2B

May 10, 2017
Lunch was very simple, local cheese bought outside of the abbey and fresh baked bread. After relaxing at the hotel, we walked to Casa Bòtllo (pronounced boy-ya), another large building designed by Gaudí. The tour is self-guided using iPhone-like devices with headsets. Like La Pedrera, there are many examples of Gaudí's style of imitating nature in the structural elements; however, there is much more tile work on display. These huge Barcelona houses built in the early 20th century are named from the wealthy family that commissioned them. The family would reside on the main (2nd) floor, and would rent out rooms on higher floors as apartments. Gaudí was masterful in directing light to all parts of the building with skylights and windows. On the roof, the chimneys are grouped together to become sculptures.