Tales from the Western Med Day 1C

May 9, 2017
After a 3-course dinner of an excellent tomato gazpacho , Catalan duck, and crema Catalan (like crème brulée), we walked up to La Pedrera, the nick name of the Milà Casa. This is a house built by Gaudí in 1906-10 that became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. Gaudí's style is well represented in this house with everything designed to resemble elements from nature. The seven-story building is divided between two courtyards which bring light down to all levels from above-- probably a design that couldn't be anywhere else with less than perfect weather! There are large windows throughout, giving the building an open feel and it's nickname, La Pedrera, meaning the quarry as it looked like a big chunk from a stone quarry with various caves being mined out. Gaudí avoided straight lines in all his works. The attic has supporting brick work that looks like the backbone of a whale. The rooftop is amazing with sculptures for the chimneys and huge bell-like pieces. The tour we took was a night tour that ended with a light show projected on these sculptures. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel and collapsed after logging 8.4 miles on foot.