Tales from the Western Med Day 1B

May 9, 2017
We picked up the metro from El Gòtic to Park Güell. The Barcelona metro is efficient and easy to navigate- and only 1€ per ride if you buy them in packs pf 10. Park Güell is situated on a hill. Count Güell had the idea to build a 60-unit upper class housing development in the area during Barcelona's rapid expansion in the late 19th cent. He commissioned his friend and renowned architect, Gaudí, to design the development 1900. Gaudí designed and executed the grounds, but only two houses were built. Lack of public transport and the exclusive nature made the development project unviable and the development concept was abandoned in 1914. Güell's heirs decided to allow the city to purchase the grounds as Count Güell had often allowed it to be used for community events. With Gaudí's unique styles, it became a UNESCO World heritage site in 1984. The area and artistic architecture is difficult to capture in pictures. This is one of the 'must' sites of a Barcelona visit. The is upper square bordered by a serpentine continuous bench decorated with brilliant tile work. The upper square has an excellent view of the Med and is supported by the Hypostyle Room, an area with 86 Doric columns and an undulating ceiling with tile work.