Tales from the Western Med Day 9

May 17, 2017
Nice, lazy day on our last day of the cruise. We didn't dock into Palma de Mallorca until 2pm, so we could sleep in and get partially packed for our departure tomorrow. We took a leisurely walk around Palma during the day and went back briefly at night to look at the lit up old city. Bright blue sky and pleasant temperatures all day. Palma's architecture shows North African influence and the island was under Islamic control for over 300 years during the 10-13th centuries. The old town is dominated by the cathedral, one of the tallest in Europe, built between the 13th and 17th cent. Gaudí was commissioned to restore the building in 1901 and it shows as a "trial run" on the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. There were other early 20th century buildings that seemed to have been influenced by Gaudí. Besides taking in the sites, we sampled a "cremadillo," which is a local pastry filled with a chocolate custard.